We created Foodsmith to make it easy for you and your family to enjoy nutritious food made with ingredients from our local farmers. We use those ingredients to make fully-prepared meals, cooked fresh every day. So bring home a Foodsmith meal to enjoy health and each other! Chef Jamie Smith brings 20 years of experience cooking farm-to-table food as a classically trained chef in both French and Italian cuisines. Jamie was the Food Service Director for the Santa Cruz City Schools for 5 years, replacing traditional school food with seasonal, fresh, scratch-cooked meals. He is a 17 year resident of Northern California, 10 of them in Santa Cruz. More about Chef Jamie - here


Stop by one of the locations below to pick up a Foodsmith meal.

Healthy Way of Santa Cruz
3251 Mission Dr
Santa Cruz, CA 95065
near the Dominican Hospital
(831) 462-5900
M&W: 630am-6pm
T&TH: 8am-6pm
Fri: 630am-1pm
Sat: 8am-1pm

Well Being Monterey
1015 Cass St #2
Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 656-0361
M/W/F: 7am-3pm
T&TH: 3pm-6pm


Crafting nutritious Weekly Meal Plans for an on-the-go life!

We started Foodsmith to make it easier to eat healthy. AND to help bring families back to the dinner table to enjoy a nutritious meal…and each other! We use local and organic ingredients from the Santa Cruz area for an inventive and seasonal menu! Order your Meal Plan and pick up at one of our locations in town – we’ll deliver convenience, flavor & health!

Santa Cruz sourced!

All produce used in Foodsmith meals is farmed from organic soil in Santa Cruz and Watsonville. Less travel time to your table means fresher and richer ingredients…so the meals are tastier!

Oh, and you won’t see a fine print disclaimer on our package that says “natural” or “when available”. Foodsmith is whole, local and organic, every time.

Let’s do good stuff together…no, seriously

Foodsmith was started to make a difference and we’re rolling up our sleeves to help those who need it. Here are our co-sleeve-roller-uppers in the Santa Cruz area:

The healthy lifestyle choice – The Healthy Way

The Healthy Way is a local organization that helps people choose healthier lifestyle options, primarily through better eating habits. They have a location in Santa Cruz on Mission near the Dominican. www.thehealthyway.us

healthy way logo


The hunger battle – Grind Out Hunger

Grind Out Hunger empowers kids through the passion for extreme sports and music to take leadership roles in the fight against hunger. www.grindouthunger.org

Local ingredients – ALBA

Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association (ALBA) is a non-profit focused on providing a distribution channel into higher-end grocery stores for low resource farmers. These folks provide Foodsmith with organic produce of the highest quality. www.albafarmers.org

Our Kids, Our Future – Food, What?!

Food What?! teaches low-income and at-risk youth how to grow, cook, eat & distribute sustainably-raised food while addressing local food justice. The kids who come out of this program are changed for life and are truly inspirational. www.foodwhat.org


The Foodsmith Story: It Starts With The Family Dinner Table

We started Foodsmith to make it easier for families and working adults to eat healthy food from a trustworthy source and to do it conveniently and affordably. Foodsmith guarantees nutritious, portion-controlled meals using local and organic ingredients at lower prices than anyone in town!

Prepared fresh every day

The “smith” in Foodsmith means craftsman and each Foodsmith meal is crafted fresh daily using seasonal organic ingredients from Santa Cruz and Watsonville. Flavor is paramount.

Seasonal & savory

Living in Santa Cruz gives us access to tasty seasonal ingredients and they don’t need to travel far! We think you’ll notice the flavor factor in a Foodsmith meal…and the menu!

Local ingredients

We are adamant about sourcing ingredients from our local Santa Cruz and Watsonville farmers. And why shouldn’t we? Some of the best farms and farmers in the world are in our backyard!


Small beginnings…

It started with a simple idea – bring families back to the dinner table. No gimmicks, no celebs, no fancy marketing ploys. Just really tasty meals at an affordable price and easy to get your hands on. Simple!

Here’s a lil bit about Foodsmith’s founder, Chef Jamie Smith:

Know your farmer, know your food

Not all of us have a farm in our backyard…cuz it’s a tough job! But the Santa Cruz farming community is strong and we invite you to visit your local farmers, as they are the ones who make the ingredients for your scrumptious meals. And they’re all Certified Organic (CCOF).

The family dinner table

What should we do to address the obesity epidemic and lack of nutrition in American kids? How do we stop the #1 killer in the US, heart disease? We think it starts at home, with the family. So let’s change the world from the dinner table, out.

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