At Foodsmith, food safety has ALWAYS been our number one priority, and we have taken every possible step SINCE DAY ONE and not just in response to the outbreak to ensure food safety and eliminate any and all input points of possible contamination. One of the BIGGEST issues in the spread of this virus is person to person contact. Our unique business model is start to finish, first and last mile, meaning our trained experienced credentialed employees handle every step of the procurement, production, pack-aging and delivery process. We never outsource ANYTHING, and that in and of itself eliminates the “change of hands” that is common to all other meal delivery services. All of our employees are just that, our employees, and are all certified Food Handlers, and experts at food safety. With new recommendations for Social Distancing and Shelter in Place, Foodsmith is a safe AND healthy alternative to stores and restaurant take out and delivery during this pandemic.


What we do, and have ALWAYS done, to assure that all of our meals are safe and healthy:

  • We own our own facility, and it is not open to the general public- only trained and Food Safety certified employees access our kitchen to make and deliver your meals, unlike restaurants or stores
  • No employee is allowed to work while ill, EVER
  • The Foodsmith kitchen is a State of the Art brand new hospital grade facility, with high tech cooking and cooling equipment to ensure your meals are perfectly and SAFELY prepared
  • We have the most rigorous cleaning and sanitizing procedures in the industry using hospital grade sanitizer, and high temp sanitizing dish machines
  • We sanitize all surfaces and handles, doorknobs and equipment every hour on the hour, including our reusable delivery cooler bags
  • Per the CDC website, the transmission of the virus on surfaces, particularly porous surfaces like fabric or clothing, is low probability, and the transmission on food is extremely low probability and there are no documented cases of transmission through prepared foods, raw, or cooked.
  • We do everything in house, including delivery, meaning your meals do not EVER get handled by anyone except trained Foodsmith employees, unlike Uber or Doordash who contract with untrained members of the general public driving their own personal vehicles
  • We source direct from farms and ranches meaning no middle men or warehousing of the meats or produce, and we have a first to last mile, farm to fork business model giving us complete control of food safety and quality, and minimizing to nearly zero any outside contact with your food, unlike at the store which is open to the general public
  • We deliver directly to your home, and leave your meals in a sealed and sanitized cooler bag by your front door so there is no person to person contact


What you can do to protect yourself after you receive your meals:

  • When you receive your meals, take them from the bag and place them in the fridge, then put the bag somewhere near the door or on the doorstep if convenient
  • Wash your hands well with soap and hot water for 20 seconds
  • When it’s time to eat, remove the lid from your meal, heat it per instructions on the lid. Per the CDC, all bacteria and virus are killed by the heat of cooking, and since we are only serving hot meals during the crisis, you are doubly protected-we cooked it for you, then you heat it up.
  • Wash your hands well with soap and hot water for 20 seconds
  • Enjoy a healthy and safe Foodsmith meal without having to go to the store, cook, or clean up